As a reminder, I’m moving my blog over to Medium. To receive my posts by e-mail going forward, sign up here. If you blinked, you may have missed the Democrats’ latest push for new voting rights legislation, during which the effort gain renewed hope and then sank to an all-time…
John Roberts may be a successful politician, but his opposition has done little to stop him.
The image of Joe Manchin as a rational, center-right politician serves the media's narrative well. But it's a total myth.
But if you must, make him answer for the horrors the Supreme Court has unleased on the American public.
Forget Biden's Commission, forget the political fears—Democrats are running out of time to address this rogue Supreme Court.
If you want to talk about the rule of law, talk about the Republicans who packed the Supreme Court.
A recent poll from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee proves that supporting popular proposals isn't enough to beat the right.
The Supreme Court’s destruction of the Voting Rights Act proves that federal legislation is not enough to secure the right to vote.
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